Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vegan Herbed Focaccia

I had a surprise day off on monday, so I was thinking about what I could do with my day, something a bit more challenging and something new I haven't tried I decided upon some yummy herbed focaccia bread.

I started out making the poolish for the dough Sunday night, and let it get all crazy and bubbly while I slept. The next morning, I finally took a closer look at the steps I needed to take to achieve this deliciousness...little did I know I was getting into a 6 hour project!!! But don't let that scare you off....most of the time it is just sitting there, rising, you just have to tend to it several times every half hour. And then, let it rest for 2 hours (which is when I proceeded to that that time to go to the gym!)

I came back and put the huge lump of dough into the pan, and drizzled over the herbed oil I had made earlier, and it looked something like this:

Of course, focaccia being the needy bread that is was not yet time to put it into the over, this gently dough had to rest about another 15 minutes before getting the chance to go into the oven.

Alas.....after all of this, it was finally done, and I successfully had a HUGE rectangle of super delish focaccia bread! I was really surprised how pretty it looked, with all of the fun bubbles. It had a great texture! When I took mine out of the over, I sprinkled it with some sea salt and vegan parmesan. are some nice little pictures showing off the fun texture that all that hard work made possible! I had some leftover herbed oil I had made...using my own herbs from my little garden!

I took the basics that were explained for focaccia on VeganYumYum's blog, and I am glad I did! Not something I will be making all the time, but highly recommended if you have a day with not much going on, and if you want to go one step beyond your basic bread. to eat more focaccia!

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brntheart said...

This bread looks really good! Nice!