Monday, July 20, 2009

Shooting Star Pops

I got these great Shooting Star Popsicle molds for my birthday, made by Tovolo. They are so cute, I just had to give these a try. Take a peek:

Now aren't those great? Here is what I used for my first pop concoction:
1 peach
1 1/4 c. mango nectar

I cut up the peach and threw it into a food processor until they were cut into really small pieces, but not pureed. I added a little over a cup of mango nectar, and voila!

You pour your filling into the molds, which very neatly and cutely snap onto the provided star shaped base. Just make sure to leave some room at the top, once it is in the freezer, it will expand.

Throw those babies into the freezer, try and wait for about 4 hours...I couldn't wait that long and tried one after about 3 hours and they were good to go.

I think this is the perfect way to experiment with different flavors and textures, getting just the right combo that you crave and might not be able to find. Also, you know exactly what is going into your delicious frozen treat, leaving behind all those artificial flavors and additives!

In this case, the power of the popsicle wins every time!

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army32 said...

Hi Jenny, deine Rezepte sehen alle super lecker aus. Du machst dir sehr viel Arbeit, toll!
Grüße aus Germany von Jutta